Con los ojos miramos…con el cerebro vemos

Looking or Seeing

There is a substantial difference: LOOKING or SEEING, hearing and listening…PAY ATTENTION because we are going to analyze this. What we see is not the REALITY but rather the ILLUSION created by the brain. So far it should be understandable for everyone… but go a step further. What would you say if I were to tell you, that the illusion created by your brain is made up by THE RECORDED EXPERIENCES previously stored in it?

We are looking with the eyes…but seeing with the brain

In order to protect ourselves and as part of the evolutionary process, our brain moves a step ahead to recognize images or similar situations recorded in the past and in a blink, preceding and foreseeing the potential situations or risk we could face or come across with…You know what I am talking about, don´t you? Our favorite human hobby is thinking in advance the outcomes and CONTROL them, or at least believe we do.

Going back to the above paragraph and to the ATTENTION. If I look at an object or a person, even though I use my eyes, this does not necessarily mean that I am seeing that. I can have my physical organs, the eyes, staring at something, while my mind is in reality fantasizing and enjoying the delicious, tasty apple pie on top of the table.   This is how we eat with our eyes before doing it with the stomach, as an old proverb says.

We see with the eyes but the VISUAL PERCEPTION does not stop there, on the contrary it only starts here. The physical eye PERCEIVES and the brain DECODES those supposed and already known realities.  The brain works as THE THIRD EYE, or the creative centre of a NEW REALITY.

Believe, feel it, then create it.  Looking or seeing?

If we can re-live past experiences over and over and make them stronger through those emotions we have associated with them, in the same way we could CREATE our FUTURE in a free and mindful way, describing every single detail and every single scene simply by adding to that, emotions that agree with our feelings. The more I can see it in my brain, the more I can focus on it, the more familiar it will seem; so much that I will be able to RECOGNIZE IT THROUGH MY MENTAL EYE, once I have perceived it through my physical eyes.

It is very exciting and just a matter of practice; if you can BELIEVE IT AND FEEL IT, then you are able to CREATE IT.

If you really want to achieve it, it is only a matter of patience and perseverance. Maybe you are bored with yourself and with the same story, then here you have the formula; no more excuses, apart the ones you want to make. This is what we call GROWTH AND DECISION, everything else is just blah, blah, blah…same old story.

Do you carry on watching from the barrier or do you dare to create with courage a NEW LIFE?

I can assure you that our mental computer is able to create much more than what we can possibly imagine.

There is so much to live  and  create

I encourage you to face your FEARS, to overcome them…feel them; in the worst scenario it could simply be a trial and error´s experience. What do you have to lose, apart from the old recording repeating themselves over and over to make our life difficult and repetitive?

There is so much to live  and  create. Come on, take your pencil and your rubber, DO NOT CONFORM AND PUT YOUR IMAGINATION TO WORK, let your mind flow freely, let it be creative and let it fly, be the ARCHITECT OF YOUR BEST DREAMS. Train your mind so that it will be able to recognize your masterpiece…and when you are ready to open your eyes and your arms to receive it…only then you will feel how your third eye is opened to see and create the PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF YOUR DREAMS.

This is what we call MIRACLES and we do not realize that they are all around us, at all times


The choice is served. ?

Esos círculos de luz llamados CHACRAS

We reach the SUPERNATURAL from the PHYSICAL, one does not exist without the other…a perfect marriage, where the body is BROUGHT TO LIFE by the SOUL.  I consider the CHAKRAS like projections of lights or powerful beams of ENERGETIC LIGHT, located all along the spine. They are like a river, springing out and transforming into an energetic stream, in close harmony with theS,BODY´S GLAND essential for our vital experience. They have and contain some kinds of connecting threads with very valuable information about our INTERNAL BALANCE.

Those lights ‘circles called Chakras

I associate them to those copper wires inside electric cables; you do not see them but you feel them, intangible but very real like LIGHT AND ELECTRICITY; it is a source of transformation that gives us reliable information about our PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL THERMOMETER. It illuminates our journey, like a path signaled by candles or torches, towards a space that cannot be trapped in our hands and can only be felt by the HEART…It leads us to a space of SELF AWARENESS, a place you had never imagined before.

We are powerful ENERGETIC REPEATERS, vibrating at different FREQUENCIES. Once we have reached a higher level of awareness, we are able to be more in charge of our life and we realize with more clarity that we are the architects of it. The COMPROMISE with ourselves becomes greater.

Focus on what your physical senses bring to you

Now let us sit down to PERCEIVE, to SENSE…focus on what your physical senses bring to you…Let us enter that space of STOP THINKING AND BUSTLE. The more you practice the more you become aware that the speed of your blood, your breathing …and all your organs self-regulate LIKE AN ORCHESTRA.  You cannot see it, but you can hear it.  If we were to connect all the different functions to monitors, we would be able to measure and prove it, in a medical and scientific way.

Try to imagine what we will be able to do if we were to access, with our conscious mind, one by one the EIGHT ENERGETIC CENTRES, running along our body in a perfect order. From here we can activate the correct and appropriate HORMONE´S PRODUCTION, transmitting the PROPER NEURONAL INFORMATION through the DISTRIBUTION´S CHANNELS, which is then passed to the whole body. A CHAIN REACTION organized with absolute perfection. 

Imagine every chakra like a mini cerebral computer, containing some type of information and connected through a specific cable to our central brain. If we manage to obtain a BALANCED ENERGETIC LEVEL among those mini brains and our central computer, we are destined to ALLOW OURSELVES to live the best life we can possibly imagine.

Eight energetic centres

Every single mini brain has its own autonomy, but they are all connected to each other. Think about a building with many floors. The floors in the middle depend on the base and the top ones on those in-between; they are all interconnected to each other. THE EQUILIBRIUM OF THE ENERGETIC FORCES is the key for the correct sustainability and for the perfect functionality. 

Let us start from the base, THE FIRST CHAKRA, explaining it shortly and easily. It is located in our sexual organs. It gives you all your CREATIVE or PRIMORDIAL POWER. When this centre is balanced, it shines with its own light, reinforcing your IDENTITY.

THE SECOND CHAKRA, moving upwards, can be found behind your belly button, one finger below it. It includes the reproductive organs, the pancreas, the colon and the lower shoulders. Just be aware that every ascendent chakra includes some part of the previous one, is connected to it, to its functions, to its glands and to its ENERGY.

The second chakra is associated with eating, digestion, elimination of useless elements  from the body and energetic transformation.  In charge of your cultural aspects, social and personal relations…it ASSIMILATES AND RELEASES information. Its well functioning  translates into SELF CONFIDENCE.

After this, we come to the THIRD CENTER, located in the pit of the stomach or SOLAR PLEXUS.  Deeply associated with WILLPOWER, COMPETITIVENESS, POWER and CONTROL. It controls the stomach, the spleen, the small intestine, the liver, the bladder, the kidneys and the adrenal glands (these glands activate automatically the fight or flight response, as soon as we perceive or believe we are facing an imminent danger)

A step higher and we are in the FOURTH CHAKRA, situated behind the breastbone and  governed by the HEART. It takes care of all cardiac and pulmonary functions, the thyroid glands, essential for the correct functioning of our autoimmune system. This fourth chakra represents the borderline between the other three previous chakras, associated with our animal part and tracing the beginning of our more SUPERNATURAL AND SPIRITUAL part. We get closer to our more spiritual part, passing from EGOISMS TO ALTRUISM. We reach the focus of our SOUL, where we find noble emotions that transport us to the horizon of our divinity.  A good vibrational equilibrium of this centre opens the doors to the feelings of LOVE, GRATITUDE, COMPASSION AND INSPIRATION.  We are more predisposed to cooperate with others and totally satisfied with WHO WE ARE.

The FIFTH CENTRE of light and energy is in the throat. It runs the functioning of the THYROIDAL and PARATHYROIDAL GLANDS, the salivary glands and the neck´s tissues. It is associated with the ability to EXPRESS YOUR OWN TRUTH through voice and sounds. When this centre is balanced, it creates love naturally. You feel in harmony with your energy and you express this through THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.

We have reached the SIXTH CHAKRA, based in the space between the nape of the neck and the crown of the head; let us close our eyes and visualize this space inside our head. Imagine that you can find it in the middle of your brain, a bit backwards. It rules the PINEAL OR HOLY GLAND. When this space opens, is like a very powerful aerial, able to cover a vast spectrum. We can connect and DISCOVER frequencies that go well beyond those five senses we are used to count on. We connect with our EXTREMELY POWERFUL WISDOM. It is strongly related to the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM which regulates our sleep wake cycles. Through our meditation we can activate the pineal gland which can take us to unimaginable places, very close to extra sensorial parallel realities. We can see well beyond this world with such a CLARITY OF MIND, that we have never experienced before.

Moving further up we reach our SEVENTH CENTRE, right in the middle of our head.  Here lies the PITUITARY GLAND or THE MASTER GLAND. From here spring out an energetic waterfall towards all the others. If in the previous chakra we could perceive our divine part, in this seventh we elevate our power further, to embrace fully THE DIVINITY WE ALL HAVE INSIDE.  When this centre is balanced, we are HARMONY in expansion.

We have now reached the top, the EIGHTH CHAKRA, two fingers over our head; this is the only one which is not in our physical body and yet is the connection between OURSELVES AND THE UNIVERSE.  When this centre is activated, we are open to new revelations and inspirations, coming directly from the COSMOS.  It is like a space opened to the UNIVERSAL ENERGY, that we all share as part of the same creator or the same creation.


How true is this expression, from any point of view…how many meanings it contains!

If we get back to our beginning in this world as human being made of flesh, the BELLY BUTTON is our first source of NOURISHMENT AND UNION with our mother.  The origin of COMMUNICATION to GIVE AND RECEIVE…. Impossible not to take this into account! From this perspective, it is obvious that we all are the belly button of the world, the first SELF-GIFT OF RECOGNITION TO ONESELF.

The belly button of the world

As soon as  we identify our WORTHINESS, irremediably our EGO comes into action, something like our dark side, the one that cuts the wings of our DIVINITY and puts in doubt the authenticity of our importance. I give you the following phrases as an example of what can invade our mental space, in the attempt to stop us from embracing the full happiness, that we deserve as a natural right.

The little voice starts off like a gun machine and says things like:

…”who do you think you are…”

…” you are so full of yourself…”

…”people will talk bad about you…”

…” it is better to be less outstanding…”

…will you be able to live with so much envy around you…?

…” you will be left all alone…”

Stop thinking

It is time to STOP THINKING like this…Mindfully we put a STOP to it, big like a house, before it becomes too late, before we get stuck in a LOOP, where the monster with seven heads makes us sweat buckets and a massive FEAR takes over us.  Read this for your inner side and repeat it in silence “ALL THIS IS JUST A MERE MENTAL FABRICATION AND IT DOES NOT EXIST…I ONLY CHOOSE THOUGHTS THAT MAKE ME FEEL GOOD.”

Just realize how we started this post and where we have arrived so far….   To this I add transcendence to that FIRST CENTRE OF VITAL ENERGY.

I insist, there are a lot of important matters going on under our belly button.  Everything that affects us has an impact there.  It connects us to our EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL SELF.  It is the activation´s centre for our WILL, OUR INTERIOR STRENGHT AND  DETERMINATION TO START ANYNTHING.

Taoists consider it the SECOND CHAKRA. The following qualities are attributed to it:

  • Be our own HOME.
  • WATER is the essential element associated to it. Water is the beginning of our reality, the substance in which we cradle in the maternal womb for nine delicious months.
  • Just life´s chances; even though, those who know me a little bit or a bit more, are aware that from my point of view nothing happens by chance…My favorite color, ORANGE, appears like a flag, symbol for this second energetic centre.

The unusual idea

We could go on till the infinite and beyond, but I believe it is a virtue to know when to stop, to keep it interesting and not becoming heavy.

Now I would like to share with you how the unusual idea to write about belly buttons came to my mind.

Power to imagination!  I better write it down, because I am not even able to understand consciously the connection or disconnection that my neurons have activated by looking at the heart of the rose, shown at the beginning of this post.

I was staring at the nucleus of the rose and I took a picture. I was enjoying the perfection of the various layers of its petals, when suddenly, the image of concentric circles came to me, you know, those circles that take form when you throw a stone in a pond.  From there the expression…” the world´s belly button”.

Well…Holy madness!…I am not sure who is happier…the one who is sane or mad…

Everything starts with oneself

I would like to end this post by playing around with the pejorative or negative association usually made and well known “ to be the world´s belly button”. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH ONESELF and by looking at your own belly button, taking care and energizing oneself. Of course, naturally! How can I possibly respect you, my dear friend, if first, I do not respect myself?

SHARING IS LIVING, I always say it and I repeat it again and again, from a healthy SELFAWARENESS I nurture myself and retro-nurture from myself first, then, I share…THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SHINE AND LET SHINE.


Noche y Día

Today I pay homage to the beginning, the GENESIS, that first day in which God started HIS MASTERPIECE OF THE CREATION. It can be God, if you believe in it, or any other ENERGETIC AND SUPERIOR POWER that better resonates with you or you identify yourself with. 

Night & Day

Back then, the earth did not exist yet…everything was a DEEP SEA, covered by darkness.  This is how everything started, dividing THE ROTATION´S CYCLE of the earth into DAY and NIGHT, and by so doing, establishing an ORDER AND A CONCERT…This is how everything begins…introducing the DUALITY in this PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE.  

This is how the earth with its ROTATION´S movement, leaves half of the terrestrial globe illuminated during the DAY thanks to the SUN, while the other half, has a rest in the DARKNESS of the NIGHT.

As an inhabitant of this planet and in the same way of any living animal or vegetable of this kingdom, we base our existence in relation to these movements of LIGHT AND DARKNESS to SYNCHRONISE our system, what in everyday life, we commonly call, the BIOLOGICAL CLOCK.

Circadian rhythm

The cycles of SLEEP AND WAKE, known as well as the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, defined by light and darkness, are PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND BEHAVIOURAL changes, perfectly orchestrated and forming a marvelous symphony with the MOVEMENTS OF THE EARTH AROUND THE SUN.

It is very difficult to believe that such perfection does not obey a SUPERIOR BEING, the perfect HAND OF A CREATOR.

Let us do a small exercise of personification, just for fun. Let us imagine the NIGHT and DAY are TWO YOUNG BROTHERS…both moving in cyclic and constant movements, both of them hand in hand with their OLDER BROTHER: TIME.

Spaces of time

From the beginnings, it has been primordial for the human being to measure time… Initially they simply measure the day observing the duration of the sun in the sky and differentiating it with the night for periods of darkness, in which, the only visible light was that of the shining stars.

During the cloudy nights, man, in the attempt to avoid living in the absolute darkness, through the intervention of another natural element, managed to create light by using FIRE.

The first WATCHES measuring time were those of fire. After those, came the ones made of SAND, then those made of WATER… During the EVOLUTIONARY NEEDS man developed and used his ingenious abilities…relatively…If we stop and think about it carefully, we will realize that everything WE NEED CAN BE FOUND IN OUR MOTHER NATURE AND IN ITS PRIMORDIAL ELEMENTS.

These elements would not be useful to give us the time, but to measure SPACES OF TIME. The evolution carried on and with the new advances the MECHANICAL WATCHES  appeared in the XII century…Moving on with the process, we will reach the precision to measure the time of the times, a funny redundancy here.

Capture and control the humans´time

What I really want to point out, is the almost OBSESSIVE IDEA AND DESIRE TO CAPTURE AND CONTROL THE HUMANS´TIME, a phenomenon directly proportionate with the technological advance and creating a greater obsession to CONTROL TIME.

WE are so obsessed with it, that we FORGET TO LIVE and enjoy fully the NOW, which, by the way, is the only concrete reality existing. And this is how we spend half of our life running after the arms of the watch, to live again A PAST THAT IS ALREADY GONE, and therefore unredeemable…We spend the other half moving the arms of the clock forward…foretelling AN UNPREDICTABLE FUTURE …something like a CRAZY INVENTION OF OUR FORMIDABLE THINKING HEADS, on this occasion, trying to catch INXESISTENT FUTURE EVENTS

Present …now

Let us give it a PAUSE…A moment of reflection… What would happen if we were told that in 10 minutes the party is over?  I do not know what you would do…Me, I would try to retain the best perfumes, the best flavors and pictures of everything that is around and share them with any person next to me…this would make me HAPPY…IT WOULD MAKE MY HEART BEAT WITH THOUSAND EMOTIONS…A vision comes to my mind: BOTTLING UP ALL THE BEST, wanting to store it in THE MEMORY OF MY DNA…like reaching the FUGGITIVE MOMENT OF THIS LIFE´S EXISTENCE … something like the AIRPLANES´ BLACK BOX…Who knows, maybe someone will find it in a far future, and will be able to describe those rare but amazing instants, that create the PRESENT …NOW.


Vamos a contar mentiras…tralará

We start this new post with a scene that took place in my CHILDHOOD. A real story like life itself… I am pretty sure that many of you would have lived a very similar experience in your own skin.

Let us tell lies…ta ra ta ta

I must have been about 6 years old or so…We were at our family beach house…My parents decided it was the perfect moment to have a swimming pool, because we were able to swim and there was enough space to build one over there…hooray!  What a happiness …I still remember that childish feeling of ENJOYING IT IN ADVANCE WITHOUT ANY DOUBT.

Well, let us get on the job now…my parents spoke to a contractor… The swimming pool drawings…the material…the dimensions…this and that…and voila! The swimming pool was already cemented…If my memory does not betray me, I think it was May… The contractor was going to leave, totally satisfied with his work, but before going, he pointed out something very important, just at the door… “Right…it is all done, but we need to leave it for a couple of days, so that the cement will dry properly and then we will give it the finishing touch…it is very important that during this time it does not get wet, not even a drop of water …”

The next day started with such a heat… I went out to play in the garden after having eaten a delicious toast with olive oil and a cup of cola-cao (I can remember it so clearly because I used to love it so much…)  and there, I found my father with the water hose in his hand “refreshing the swimming pool…”


That same day in the afternoon, we went out again to play in the garden and half of the swimming pool was dismantled… “What happened daddy…? …Well I do not have a clue my darling…this is exactly what your mother and I were talking about…We have already called the contractor and asked him to come here urgently and explain what is going on…we cannot possibly understand this mess…”

The contractor arrived with a very concerned face, looking at the swimming pool half destroyed like a sandcastle. While he was trying to come up with any potential explanation he asked: “are you sure the work did not get wet; not even a single drop of water…? “

That was when I answered with total INNOCENCE AND HONESTY, typical of those who have NOT BEEN CONTAMINATED YET…” “Yesterday I saw my daddy watering it a lot, using the hose exactly there, yes…”

Ooh my Gosh…what a storm I had just started, without even being aware of it!


I am totally sure, that at this stage, you have already connected to some similar events stored in your mental archive… You cannot imagine what I would have given in that moment to be able to put into practice the ability of “bewitched” and disappear in a blink from the face of the earth.  My father ´s expression said it all…without saying a word…but meaning “I am going to deal with you later on…dear daughter”

Well, against any possible positive outcome, check out what came out…the least expected took place…The contractor burst out laughing in front of my SPONTANEOUS AND SINCERE COMMENT…My parents could not act differently either, they joined in as well and WE ALL RECOGNISED THE HAPPENINGS OPENLY LIKE CHILDREN DO.

My father recognized that he thought it was a good idea to refresh a bit the work because it was very hot and he has noticed some small cracks …The contractor SYMPHATISED quickly with my father and added “do not worry, it is not a problem and I can fix it easily…I was much more concerned I could not find an explanation for it…that would have been a real issue…”


This eased a lot my father reaction later on, and he only told me: “it is unbelievable…you cannot not keep your mouth closed, not even under water…” Only years after that event, I understood how uncomfortable my father felt in the situation, when I spoke out with that CHILDISH SINCERITY…Even though I must admit, that now I feel very proud of myself and of my COURAGE, not only because I said the truth but because I faced my FEAR and dared to contradict the AUTHORITY, meaning my father. 

In line with this story, “how often do WE TELL LIES TO OUSELVES AND WE BELIEVE THEM…?  Maaanyyy….and this does not mean we are liars.  There are situations that trigger our loop of FEAR and especially SOME AUTOMATIC BEHAVIOURS.  At times that HABIT is so deeply rooted that the AUTOMATIC PILOT simply takes over. In other circumstances we are more aware of it and this is when we can manage to PUT IN ACTION A DIFFERENT BEHAVIOURAL PATTERN…Yes, until it becomes once again natural as the ones we used to have.



I repeat the same over and over to every person who needs my support in their CHANGING PROCESS.

Believe in our ability to change

Why is it, that, when we order some food online to be delivered to our home address, we do not doubt even for a second that OUR ORDER WILL BE DELIVERED and on the other side when we should BELIEVE IN OUR ABILITY TO CHANGE, WE ARE FULL OF DOUBTS?

The only difference is that, when we place an order online, WE PUT OUR TRUST IN A THIRD PERSON, in the second situation, IT COSTS US AN ARM AND A LEG TO PUT THE TRUST IN OURSELVES.

I keep repeating the same…over and over, to myself first, WE CAN LEARN ANYTHING …THE ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT WE REALLY WANT TO DO IT. ?

Simple as that. CAUSE  AND EFFECT.  They always go together. A perfect marriage that leads us to what we DESIRE or FEAR the most.

Are we conscious about  how we think? Have we pondered and realised that our mind is the most powerful machinery ever created?

Tell me what you THINK  and I will tell you how you FEEL

Let us go back in the past to Alan Turing, father of the theoretical computer science and precursor of  the ARTIFICIAL INTELLINGE.

Can you believe that everything started in the middle of a World War: on September 1938 Turing is recruited by the British government to interpret and traslate the  German codified messages through a machine called Enigma. The name itself reveals the concept of somenthing you cannot understand due to its ambiguity or because it goes beyond the logic perceived through our senses. 

I think therefore I am

If a man has managed to set up a machine able to think, using the same human mental abilities, would it not be correct to state that we can adjust and choose, at our own pleasure, any thought running through our MENTAL CORRIDOR?

In the exact moment you ARE ELABORATING YOUR THOUGHTS, you are CHOOSING YOUR EMOTIONS. A Jump back in the past and I find myself at the time of Rene Descartes and his famous reasoning “ I think therefore I am” This is how I summarise it, based on this post´s thematic : doubt about everything, especially what your senses show you through the body. Only if we doubt, we are able to find our truth; find your own truth well beyond the tangible world and once you have found it you will know it immediately because you will experience a great sense of  wellbeing.

The abilities to handle our emotions

We find the base of any techonological advance in the ARTIFICIAL OR INTELLECTUAL INTELLINGENCE. Any technological advance lacking EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE OR A BASE OF IT, is pure MECHANISM. The abilities to handle our emotions, to express and balance them, are exactly those abilities that differentiate us from a computer.

What is Siri missing to be more human, for example? You would agree with me that it is possible to have a conversation with Siri and obtain answers which are fairly coherent.  The only and fundamental ingredient that so far has not been possible reproducing in it, is EMPATHY.  An immense word with an immense meaning:”from my ability to FEEL and  THE KNOWLEDGE OF MY EMOTIONS I can put myself in your place;you wear your own shoes daily but I can perceive where they are uncomfortable.

The truth inside yourself

Once you are able to glimpse the knowledge of your soul,then you will  be closer to find the CERTAINTY OF THE TRUTH INSIDE YOURSELF.  This is irrefutable and even though you can not prove it by logic, you can feel it and you know it is REAL. 

In order to be able to handle my EMOTIONAL DICTIONARY and to know the meaning of my MOODS, first of all I need to search in my conscience, HOW I am thinking and WHICH are the specific THOUGHTS that are occupying my mental space.

Thoughts and emotions

To make it short; in the same way that there cannot be day without night, so there is not knowledge of my EMOTIONS without an identification and a previous selection of my THOUGHTS.

Once we are able to correlate correctly  our thoughts and our emotions,then we will be in a very good disposition to act in the proper way with the person next to us.

A very important advice; let us not forget, we are very good at taking care of other people´s necessities before taking care of ourselves and this is not empathy, this is forgetting to sweep our home and run to sweep the neighbour´s home with the broom in our hand.

I am ready, as I am every day, to keep my SPACE CLEAN and free from any GARBAGE, I choose to vibrate high and enjoy the amazing wisdom of those people who vibrate even higher than me. These are the people that make me reach, with their example,the life of plenitude, we all deserve

Who you want to be now

Everything can happen by simply abandoning the old LIMITING  and castrating MENTAL HABITS. I ask myself why, since the world´s creation, it is so easy for us to live in sufferings and deprivations and  so difficult, at times almost impossible, to feel ourselves WORTHY AND WEALTHY.  I know by experience that THE MACRO-SOCIAL LABELS we carry are very well attached to us.  The great piece of news is that everything can be replaced… first we make it softer by soaking them in hot water with a lot of love, then we patiently wait for them to peel off and finally we let them go.

Take you permanent marker and write very clear in the middle of your heart. WHO YOU WANT TO BE NOW.

Are you ready to enjoy your presents?  ?

¿preguntas o afirmas?

“Maybe, I do not know, it could be that..” they are all expressions associated with QUESTIONS, doubts, inquiries.  “ Of course, take it for granted, absolutely yes “  confirm or support a STATEMENT. Questions and statements are both based on OPINIONS, clear and pure  SUBJECTIVITY.

How can a piece of information be considered TRUE?  True for whom..? I answer from my POINT OF do it from yours, he does it from his..and now what?  Which truth is more true;  mine, yours or his?

Are you asking or making a statement?

I got the inspiration for this post during a totally normal daily activity: watching a movie. Once the film was over I relaxed for a while, enjoying the calm. A title came into my mind, like a  neon sign, illuminated:  “ are you asking or making a statement? There is plenty to talk about this, but I will focus on those truths that each one of us considers absolute. We call them BELIEFS, OPINIONS or STATEMENTS.

I can “believe” with total faith anything I have been taught when I was a child and I will keep on following its message “to the letter” without even analysing it: hey hold on a second “ why do I carry on eating lentils at home every thursday if I do not like them?.. The answer could be very simple; my mother or my father used to tell me iron was an essential element for our diet.  As a matter of fact, like it or not, we keep on mantaining that same TRADITION OR BELIEF like if we have inherited it. Funny enough, we do it without thinking that, maybe, there are others good sources of iron apart from lentils that we could  easily like much more.

If you believe it, you create it

But we prefer to keep our thoughts as they have been “chewed on” instead of reorganising our “mental menu” in a different way.  In the end it would be so simple as sitting down to structure a “ new menu”. It will take time for you to GET USED TO do it differently but soon, it will become an HABIT, much sooner that you could have possibly thought.  At the beginning it is very advisable to start making small changes as these are much more important than it could seem. It will be easier then to adapt to bigger changes. I can assure you that, based on my personal experience.

As long as you CHOOSE it , a belief is amazing, it stimulates HOPE AND CERTAINTY.. as you already know, IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU CREATE IT.

The experience

To be more precise I have just decided to look up its meaning in the dictionary and I cannot avoid to smile to myself..Here you are: OPINION

“a view or judgement formed about somenthing or someone, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge”. The explanation is crystal clear, supporting the concept that objectivity is not really part of the word opinion “Is there anyone, in this world, capable to express his opinion without the influence of his background and programmings? On the other side I believe that the only way to “ move the car” is by living the experience to turn the engine on and drive it. You will have to deal with the FRUSTRATION AND POTENTIAL FEARS involved with it and take into consideration that we could have an accident every time we sit  behind the wheel.

That EXPERIENCE will give you a “return ticket” , empowering you to talk about any subject with the right knowldge and you will be able state out loud “ I am giving you my OPINION about the matter, not only based on pure THEORY but CONFIRMING IT WITH CERTAINTY thanks to my TRIAL and ERROR approach. I am like a LIFE´S SCIENTIST who has WORKED ON THE FIELD. This has given me the opportunity to understand people better and putting myself in their shoes. This is why I feel I have great dosis of UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE.


From my point of view, this is the real message of the movie I saw the other day. It is my OPINION, absolutly subjective, as all opinions are. I was so touched by the film that I can say with all the knowledge necessary, that every opinion is the result of a personal vision, based on our EXPERIENCE and as a consequence, any JUDGEMENT is a pure confession of our own existence

Everything you say about other people is simply what you are telling to yoursef

It is a fact that “ everything you say about other people is simply what you are telling to yoursef…” I take the opportunity to remind this to myself and to carry on being the ENTHUSIAST LEARNER I love to be…the more I evolve..the less I know..maybe my neurons and my soul prefer to un-learn and leave free SPACE like in a BEGINNER´S MIND, in that state of tabula rasa without any prejudices, able to surpise myself at all times.

It is a pleasure, one more post and MANY MORE TO LIVE.  ?

I adore that wellbeing´s boost produced by the endorphin´s release I experience every time I go shopping for myself. I simply love feeling that emotion when I wear or experience somenthing new.  This is so certain, that in many occasions, while still in the changing room, I have asked the attendant  “ Can I wear it NOW? I love it sooo much that it would be amazing if I could leave with it on…!

Part time indulgent

My inner CHILD carries on being very present in my life, making me feel so alive with those little PLEASURES, those novelties, those INDULGENCES so delightful and so SIMPLE, able to change the perception of your day in a blink…and why not?.. sometimes, it is so deeply engraved in our mind, we believe that indulging ourself is not good and we feel guilty, just by having a toasted bread with butter in the middle of the morning..what a nonsense!

As a matter of fact, the same definition of “indulgence” and “indulgent” have  connotations which are in contraddiction with reason and logic.  I chose to go with spontaineity and show you the other face of the coin. There must be some moments in life when the SOUL is longing to enjoy itself, to expand and breath deeply inside, far away from the impositions of the THINKING AND ANALYTIC MIND?

Everything is good if applied in small dosis, like the wonderful perfumes kept in small bottles, or at least this  is how this PART TIME INDULGENT believes, while writing to you now.

With the same intesity I enjoy and take care of my PHYSICAL TEMPLE, so it happens with nurturing my SOUL and MY SPIRIT with PLEASANT EMOTIONS, following exactly what my INTUITION tells me to do.

That Blue Book…

It was and still is the same intuition, which lead me to a shelf where that BLUE BOOK was standing on that particular day.

I love WEARING MY NEW DRESSES exactly as I love SHARING MY KNOWLEDGE.  Through READING, I enrich myself with KNOWLEDGE, SELF-AWERENESS and SELF-DISCOVERY.  That day, as in many others, I bought that book following my impulse, my intuition, without even having a peep inside…Apparently it was a book like many others, for its tickness and layout; nothing was suggesting it would have been the promoter of stepping INTO THE TRUTHFUL ESSENCE OF THE SELF-AWERENESS.

I arrived home eager to read it, as it always happens when I buy myself a new book..I sat down, ready to devour it ..I opened it and started reading it….but as soon as I read the first paragraph, a strange feeling of FEAR run through my whole body…I closed it and  quite scared I thought..” what is this?. I stared at the title “ A COURSE IN MIRACLES” foundation for THE INNER PEACE.

I simply did not get it:  why did I buy that book, apparently related to religion, catholicism, God, the church…I felt such a mess in my head, a distorsion of concepts,  on top of what I have been taught and what I believe it was..!

I was puzzled, shocked, it was like I had read  a few words in a strange language, totally foreign and totally unknown to me…

I put THAT BLUE BOOK together with many others on a shelf…and  there it stayed for many autumns, 14 more or less..It accompanied me in all the homes I moved. While I was reorganising my books in the new space, that book was standing there, SILENTLY, waiting for the right moment, the momentI would have looked myself in the mirror of my essence…Until the moment was a great day, in July, when my intuition took me again to THAT BLUE BOOK.. and then I knew instantly I was ready to experience my freedom and my SOUL´s expansion. 

Love, love, love

There and then I learned the meanings of concepts like “LOVE toward oneself, how to let go THE CONTROL and THE EXPECTATIONS, that WE ARE ONE, about our PROJECTIONS…I could write, write and write more…the emotion is so strong that a few tears run down my cheeks…tears of GRATEFULNESS  to undesrtand the meaning of  WAIT and for that book to wait for me, so I could be ready to receive the ANCENSTRAL WISDOM we all have inside; to feel WORTHY, to believe EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.. I was so wrong!  I had so  much energy, the same I projected outside, to others.  I was thirtsy for myself, for my own caring, for pampering myself, for my strenght too, and for my laughs, my indulgences; how damaging can be those concepts when misunderstood …!

The deeper I went into reading that book  the more I was penetrating into my INNER SELF, like entering a thick forest, opening the way with a machete; but in my case the machete was substituted by  A DIVINE hand that with its delicacy, was opening the way in face of any obstacles…step by step, hand in hand with that GOD we all have inside ourselves. I reached the OASIS, that heaven of peace that gives meaning to everything outside…FROM THE INSIDE TO THE OUTSIDE, with solid basis and total awareness. The only and universal religion is LOVE; our best and only LIFE´S PURPOSE is REMEMBER OUR ESSENCE and contribute more and more to THE AWAKENING DURING THAT JOURNEY BACK home.



It is one of those unplesant days when you feel everything inside you is stirred, upside down and you are not sure if it is for this or that; maybe because my partner did not give me the attention I was expecting, or the cashier at the supermarket looked at me in disaproval while putting the trolley too close to the till area..JUST PROJECTIONS! Let us connect with our INNER CHILD and live that moment of pain, caused by the lack of attention of a father too busy working or a desperate mother, almonst on the verge of collapsing, having to cope and deal with all the home´s responsibilities.

You will never be alone

Stop, immediately, does not matter what you are doing, caress your face, look yourself in the mirror and let a few or many tears run down; this is excatly what your soul is asking you to do. In this precise moment you will discover, with amazement, how your resentment, your rage, your sadness will vanish. Recognise your pain and embrace it, this is the only way to trascend it.

Today I feel tired, nevertheless, I feel I want to carry on living THE GAME OF LIFE, this unending process; if I were to think differently it would certainly mean I have passed to a different phase of my life. Today I feel very tired,  breathing and  sighing deeply..a memory comes to my mind, the words of a song belonging to a singer I am unable to recall now…” there are days in which one  feels nothing is happening…” I am an impatient human being my dear reader, most likely as you are too and sometimes I really wish I could dress up as Tinkybell and rub my nose like in Bewitched, making things appearing in front of me exactly as I wanted, jumping over the obstacles, avoiding the long waiting , the long silence and the constant listening.. Are with me?..I wait and despair too, I am human and even though 100% spiritual, I complicate and uncomplicate myself, yet I let myself live all this..what a relief! This is the right opportunity to visit the past so that our inner child can feel comfortably covered, loved, pampered and you can whisper softly and tenderly in his /her ear that “ does not matter what happens in life, you will always be there, HE/SHE WILL NEVER BE ALONE, MUM AND DAD loved and always will love you but they are exausted, fighting their own existential battles, facing their own monsters, asking their previous generation to have a bit more love and attention. Be the first of your CLAN, my dear boy or girl, to realise where all this comes from and break the chain of your resentments, your struggles, your sufferings.  Be the one to bring the change into your family history!


As you can see, my dear friend, I have not given a title to this post.  I started writing it freely without a title in mind and decided on the way I was going to leave it like this, leaving on the  side the logical structure and order any written work usually has and would be good it were so.  

This has happened for a very powerful and yet simple reason; what is most important for me is to be able to communicate with you through an opened heart, directly, with my deepest emotions, with my EXISTENCIAL EVOLUTIONS,  and like peeling an onion, I offer you an extra layer, DEEPER INSIDE.

Once again I invite you to try sitting in front of your computer or booklet and experience by yourself ,the magical exercise of self discovery through THE PRACTICE OF THE WRITTEN EXPRESSION, without any particular pretension but simply  as one of the best MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL.

I leave the SOUL FREELY IN THE AIR, I will communicate through my body, allowing its  flow to run and connect among what I think, what I say and what I do. The same  happens when we turn on the tap, unless the pipe has ben cut; we can learn to say YES and turn on the tap of our CREATIVITY, OPEN Pandora box and let out our dreams and desires through words.

Open yourself to a world of opportunities

What is stopping us? Very often we limit ourselves, we hide our real treasure, our real jewels which make us unique. I can easily inmagine the universe and life, full of living beings, changing their appearences once their mission has been accomplished. I see it like a board of astronomical dimension with a perfect order like in a concert. That board is like a puzzle, which will only be complete once everyone has contributed with his/ her  piece, a dosis of uniqueness  and singularity, then the puzzle will be finished.

Therefore get rid of your fears, contribute with your grain of sand and discover your PURPOSE. Forget the common coward excuse “ well to be honest I know I am just a common person…the only thing I manage to do,kind of good, is telling jokes and make lot of people laugh”  That´s not insignificant…you are contributing and helping people to connect to one of the most amazing and gratifying of our emotions, part of our inborn baggage, laughing. This innate gift of yours has the power to change people focus and perspective…woooow  An amazing purpose…develop your abilities, open yourself to a world of opportunities, undress from those false beliefs of what has to be or how it needs to be, who is stopping you from achiving this apart from you? 

Just dive in the sea of uncertanties, in the sea of everything forseen against you and realise, all that ,is only the product of MACRO PROGRAMMINGS, at a social and collective level, and MICRO PROGRAMMINGS  at individual and familiar level.

I am grateful you managed to read my therapeutic post till the end. Have you realised that by so doing you have contributed to my wellbeing?  This space of reflections and ideas I use as a vehicle to channel and analyse my moods, has turned into a new post and if we have reached this point , I want to emphasize, it is because we vibrate with very similar energy. I hope this can help your purpose of self- discovery.


Un pie en el suelo y una mano en el cielo

Today is Monday, just a Monday in July and yet, unique, with all its identity created by the HERE and NOW …the date is anecdotal and there will not be another identical day like this, ever.
I feel thrilled to share with you my THOUGHTS and FEELINGS in this space, where we meet weekly, I am so lucky!… Every time I am in front of a white canvas, it opens a full world of limitless opportunities and expressions. I do not need to pretend, I feel FREE, free TO BE, TO SAY what I want WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS..when you do not expect anything in return, then those self JUDGEMENTS disapper …How peaceful!

A foot on the ground and a hand in the sky

Cutting the story short and going to the point, the other day, my friend Inma came home to visit and we started talking about BALANCE-IN, more specifically about the blogs. She asked me “do you know how many people read your blogs every week?” Without hesitation I answered: “ to be totally honest with you, I have not got the slightes idea and it would be exactly the same if only 4 or 4000 would read it .. I enjoy so much this writing – space of mine, because here, I feel totally myself..! it is pure pleasure, very therapeutic and I highly recommend it to everyone. When I am in this space, I leave shame, judgement and fear on one side, ready to join the scene, without knowing when the curtains will rise and if the stage will be full or totally empty. It is the best moment; I abandon myself to the language of the SOUL, with strong passion and noththing else, enjoyng the sublime taste of the reward: writing!…can you believe that for a large part of my life I have been hiding!

I am sure you have been personally experincing the effects of those marks, burned in our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by our parents with their best intentions, when they use to tell us “ be discret, do not tell this or that to anyone, do not stand out to avoid envious feelings toward you… and this and that..what a nonsense!

Making the way while walking

I have loved the theatre since I was very little, yes indeed, and singing, dancing , writing..I was fascinated with any form of expression. I have always had a foot on the ground and a hand in the sky; in this sentece I summarise my essence and I believe every single human being feels the same. Do you really believe we are only made up of that part we know as BODY, that side of us we dress with different clothes, to which we apply a different mask according to the occasion? Without any doubt, this is the worldly part I enjoy a lot, what would be the sense of having a body if we were not to make the best of it, and enjoy it in all its wider aspects? Of course we have been made to live on this earth, to put one foot down with strenght and grace or even both, most likley better!…making the way while walking as Machado wrote wisely.

A hand in the sky

Let us move into the second part of our equation A HAND IN THE SKY. Since the world is world the human being has felt an ancenstral curiosity for the other side; we have clear proofs of this from our primitive ancestors, when they immortalized it in their rock paintings. A magical question which instills respect and at times, fear too; it poses the query “what lies beyond there?” What happened to our dears once they left their body? ..we could fill pages and pages about THE OTHER SIDE and HERE, or at least this is how I consider it; does it happen to you as well, when you stay silent with your eyes open or close, this is totally up to you, that you feel the flow of a PEACEFUL ENERGY,corresponding directly to your ESSENCE ? It makes you to feel the PEACE, ALIGNED, CENTRED in you, the undisputed identity of your SOUL.

For me this is the genuine LIFE ´S PURPOSE. The perfect equation which includes the widely feeling of our FIVE SENSES; otherwise why would we have them. This feeling can be easily seasoned with the wisdom of our INNER VOICE.

I am very grateful to you in BODY AND SOUL for your time and to have met you through my blog. Let us carry on working on our goal with ONE FOOT ON THE GROUND AND A HAND IN THE SKY.