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Can you hear me properly..?

me oyes bien

Can you hear me properly..?

How often would you say you use this “catchphrase”?

Yes, you read it right. I say “ catchphrase” with all the INTENTION…Well…do we ever ponder if we are actually HEARING OR LISTENING?

Can you hear me properly..?

I am a strong supporter of the popular wisdom, and right now, a very much used expression comes to my mind; one that fits perfectly the reflection about the concept that we are dealing with…”like the person who hears the rain…”meaning, the one who TURNS A DEAF HEAR TO IT;  a situation where I do not pay ATTENTION nor I close my ears…but it is considered like a BACKGROUND NOISE. 

It is not a matter of going against the flow, but personally, I love to LISTEN, with all the five senses,  to the sound of the falling rain, something I almost consider a melody.

Obviously we come to face with our friend  WILLINGNESS, the same one that we put into action when we really care for something and we are more than ready to listen to carefully; we sharpen our ears, our hearing and our neurons to focus on the subject of our SELECTIVE HEARING, with body and soul.

i only hear what i want to hear

Let me give you a practical example my dear friend.

A group of friends, which cannot be more than 4 in these times…All very happy to be able to share some laughs and some good food…Someone starts a conversation about …you know what…yes…what else could it be..the present situation, the use of masks, the movement’s restrictions and the vaccines…

We have just hit the nail on the head…the fuse catches fire and the group takes different sides,  breaking in two groups of two…two looking forward to having the injection and the others do not even want to hear about it.  What has started as a very civilized dialogue, with one person talking and the others LISTENING attentively and with respect, is now warming up into a heated discussion, where nobody is listening anymore and there is instead a desperate attitude.. “ I am just waiting for him to finish talking to CONTER-ATTACT…I am not at all interesting in his opinion and this is why I behave like the one who HEARS, when in reality, I am totally DEAF and I ONLY HEAR WHAT I WANT TO HEAR; everything else is just a sequence of sounds coming out from his mouth and nothing else…

Does this sounds somehow familiar…?

Listening is an act of silence

This is how we are; for us, LISTENING is an effort…Why? Honestly I believe that listening is EMPHASISING with the other, but most of the times, we actually want to IMPOSE OUR JUDGEMENT AND ABOVE ALL, BE RIGHT.

I read this sentence somewhere in a website and I really loved it: “LISTENING is an act of SILENCE“. While our INTERNAL DIALOGUE carries on hammering in our head, there is no way that we can listen to others.

Once again, I suggest the following: “Why do not we start from ourselves?” That STOP OF THOUGHTS and MENTAL NOISES based in our precious little head, is the best master to introduce us to the art of LISTENING to our INNER SELF. A way to tame that CAGE OF CRAZY IDEAS in order to separate the IMPORTANT from the DISPOSABLE, recognising the NOISE FROM THE MELODY…Just have a go and you will see…The enormous difference!

THE BALANCE starts in the INNER SELF. Amazing inner works, reflected  in the outside, a PERFECT BALANCE between knowing how to LISTEN and when to SPEAK, those sweet moments of SILENCE AND REFLECTIONS. The outcome is an IMPECABLE DIALOGUE. 

Everything is possible

I close this chapter  with a bit of humor, imagining what could happen if this post would end, by pure chance, into the hands of some politician…And as I love dreaming and believing that everything is possible, how would be a debate among politicians who honestly LISTEN TO EACH OTHER?

It would make me very  happy to receive  your opinions about it. It would be amazing to read yours ideas and start to interact with you all. I am sure you are very familiar with the concept that “four eyes see better than two…” I would add that the more ears available to listen the better …

I really wish I could read some of your comments in my  web and listen to you with all the attention and love you deserve.

Thank you for being here!  ?