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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Par Biomagnetico

I was just remembering and feeling the concept of “everything is possible”, when I woke up from one of those ASSOCIATIVE LOOP; I am not sure if this word exists as I have not bothered to look it up in a dictionary, but this his is how I define that state, when I get absorbed and start remembering something of the past I knew it was going to happen; not because I am wise, every human being has access to this WISDOM …I will not emphasize this strongly enough …it is simply a fact that, when one FIRMLY BELIEVES IN SOMENTHING, it is only a matter of time and apparently pure chances, to see those desires made reality, mental projections that take concrete forms and suddenly appear in front of our nose.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

A bit more than three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and while I was remembering it, I remembered that moment with gratefulness.

It seems to be something quite common in these days, is like having high blood pressure when you reach a certain age.  I got a bit shocked when the doctor told me with absolute calm: “there is nothing to be worried about, you just need to take a pill every morning on an empty stomach, it is very good, and it will supply your organism with the same substance that your thyroidal gland has stopped producing naturally”.

How you can imagine, especially those of you who know me well, how I live and how I see life, this was equivalent to …Really?  There must be a way to stimulate naturally my thyroid …who knows…some specific food, acupuncture…anything that can be done to avoid taking this pill every single day…I had to put my hand on the chair to keep standing as there was more to come…the doctor carried on saying: “ you need to start taking the pill immediately…you will get used to it…it is just a small pill every morning…Are you telling me that I will not have to take the pill until my situation will get better …but that I will have to take it for the rest of my life?  Of course, it is for the rest of your life…Oh my God…I got frozen…me… the one who is totally against any type of pill…A small cloud invaded my head…a great message inside that little cloud was telling me…ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE…without knowing how…you will stop taking that pill…“

The body has the power of self healing

Months passed by…it was very tough getting used to it…especially, because I knew well that the situation I was living, was the result of an INTENSE STRESS sustained for a long time… At the same time, I was well aware that THE BODY HAS THE POWER OF SELF HEALING AND NATURAL REGENERATION …I have always firmly believed it… and as a matter of fact my kids, for as long as I can remember, gave me a tender nickname “the herbs” … clearly, I have treated a lot of their illnesses with many natural remedies, based on those natural advices our grandmothers used to give us, mixing this herb with that one or that oil with that soup.


But life is magic, if so we want it to be; and one day I received the message I already knew I was going to get.  A good friend of mine called me and told me “Today I have been thinking so much about you…I have met a very good friend from my time at college…my friend and her husband are doctors, and they practice something very rare… BIOMAGNETIC PAIR THERAPY AND BIOMAGNETISM…of course I thought about you straight away… Have you ever heard of it?… I think I did read something about it somewhere. For sure, if this has come to me, it must be for a great reason…yes indeed …I had to focus a bit more on it, before giving it a go and trying it on my own skin.

I will try to explain it with simple words, so that we will be able to understand its concept. The inner side of our body is full of BACTERIAS, VIRUSES AND FUNGUS which are fundamental for our life.  So far, we all agreed.  Now I would like you to think about a swimming pool and all those liquid products we add to the water to keep it with a balanced PH, or easier, to keep the water clear and clean, so that we can swim in it relaxedly.  All that avoids the proliferation of algae and mutants’ microbes which will alter the quality and the look of the water itself.


In the same way, if we manage to create AN INTERNAL ALKALINE STATE in our body, we will have in front of us a source of natural health. On the contrary, if our internal state is ACIDIC, our blood will be forced to steal nutrients from different organs: we will feel tired, experience headaches, have digestive issues, suffers from demineralization and in addition to this, we will become a source and the ideal candidate for IRREGULARITIES AND DISEASES.

Healing method of alternative medicine

Going back to my practical example: this is how I discover this HEALING METHOD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, and how I ended up in their clinic, to help myself and others, with yet another source of knowledge.  Through a bespoke NUTRITION, THE HEALING OF MY EMOTIONS, THE MAGNETS AND AN UNBREKABLE INTENTION OF EVEVRYTHING IS POSSIBLE, I managed gradually and under medical supervision to stop taking those pills and start enjoying again the perfect running of my thyroid like a FERRARI.

Let us carry on adding new concepts and learn them together. ?