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Are you asking or making a statement?

¿preguntas o afirmas?

“Maybe, I do not know, it could be that..” they are all expressions associated with QUESTIONS, doubts, inquiries.  “ Of course, take it for granted, absolutely yes “  confirm or support a STATEMENT. Questions and statements are both based on OPINIONS, clear and pure  SUBJECTIVITY.

How can a piece of information be considered TRUE?  True for whom..? I answer from my POINT OF VIEW..you do it from yours, he does it from his..and now what?  Which truth is more true;  mine, yours or his?

Are you asking or making a statement?

I got the inspiration for this post during a totally normal daily activity: watching a movie. Once the film was over I relaxed for a while, enjoying the calm. A title came into my mind, like a  neon sign, illuminated:  “ are you asking or making a statement? There is plenty to talk about this, but I will focus on those truths that each one of us considers absolute. We call them BELIEFS, OPINIONS or STATEMENTS.

I can “believe” with total faith anything I have been taught when I was a child and I will keep on following its message “to the letter” without even analysing it: hey hold on a second “ why do I carry on eating lentils at home every thursday if I do not like them?.. The answer could be very simple; my mother or my father used to tell me iron was an essential element for our diet.  As a matter of fact, like it or not, we keep on mantaining that same TRADITION OR BELIEF like if we have inherited it. Funny enough, we do it without thinking that, maybe, there are others good sources of iron apart from lentils that we could  easily like much more.

If you believe it, you create it

But we prefer to keep our thoughts as they have been “chewed on” instead of reorganising our “mental menu” in a different way.  In the end it would be so simple as sitting down to structure a “ new menu”. It will take time for you to GET USED TO do it differently but soon, it will become an HABIT, much sooner that you could have possibly thought.  At the beginning it is very advisable to start making small changes as these are much more important than it could seem. It will be easier then to adapt to bigger changes. I can assure you that, based on my personal experience.

As long as you CHOOSE it , a belief is amazing, it stimulates HOPE AND CERTAINTY.. as you already know, IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU CREATE IT.

The experience

To be more precise I have just decided to look up its meaning in the dictionary and I cannot avoid to smile to myself..Here you are: OPINION

“a view or judgement formed about somenthing or someone, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge”. The explanation is crystal clear, supporting the concept that objectivity is not really part of the word opinion “Is there anyone, in this world, capable to express his opinion without the influence of his background and programmings? On the other side I believe that the only way to “ move the car” is by living the experience to turn the engine on and drive it. You will have to deal with the FRUSTRATION AND POTENTIAL FEARS involved with it and take into consideration that we could have an accident every time we sit  behind the wheel.

That EXPERIENCE will give you a “return ticket” , empowering you to talk about any subject with the right knowldge and you will be able state out loud “ I am giving you my OPINION about the matter, not only based on pure THEORY but CONFIRMING IT WITH CERTAINTY thanks to my TRIAL and ERROR approach. I am like a LIFE´S SCIENTIST who has WORKED ON THE FIELD. This has given me the opportunity to understand people better and putting myself in their shoes. This is why I feel I have great dosis of UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE.


From my point of view, this is the real message of the movie I saw the other day. It is my OPINION, absolutly subjective, as all opinions are. I was so touched by the film that I can say with all the knowledge necessary, that every opinion is the result of a personal vision, based on our EXPERIENCE and as a consequence, any JUDGEMENT is a pure confession of our own existence

Everything you say about other people is simply what you are telling to yoursef

It is a fact that “ everything you say about other people is simply what you are telling to yoursef…” I take the opportunity to remind this to myself and to carry on being the ENTHUSIAST LEARNER I love to be…the more I evolve..the less I know..maybe my neurons and my soul prefer to un-learn and leave free SPACE like in a BEGINNER´S MIND, in that state of tabula rasa without any prejudices, able to surpise myself at all times.

It is a pleasure, one more post and MANY MORE TO LIVE.  ?