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And suddenly …the family grows

Y de repente… la familia crece

Today´s episode is not about any news in the papers of me getting pregnant at fifty…even though in these times we are experiencing stranger events than this. 

What I am going to talk about and share with you today, makes me very happy; it is the full ACCEPTANCE of the presents that we receive, in the way we receive them, all of them, with all their wrappings and they are all perfect. I thought I had almost managed to cut, in a healthy way, the ATTACHMENTS ‘bonds with my sons and accepted that each one lives his own life as I live mine; cutting with love that umbilical cord with a nostalgic smile, looking at the present and saying loudly “now life is giving me that present of FULL MATURITY, a valued treasure, so great that sometimes we find difficult to enjoy it… the FREEDOM life offers us seems to be heavier than lead…and now, without expecting it, we have been once again all reunited together.

And suddenly …the family grows

Well, in these last days, we have passed from being only OSCAR AND I, to be Pablo, my younger son who has come back from his Erasmus; Javier, my eldest son and my feline grandchild Alfonso…Clearly this is what has inspired the title of today´s post.

I am immensely GRATEFUL to the Universe and to God to fill me with the most wonderful present I could have ever received: LOVE, all in capital letters, for myself, for my partner, for my sons; I am able to know how to digest the river of emotions I am experiencing in these hours with MASTERY AND EQUILIBRIUM.

I have learnt my lesson

What a precious opportunity to reinforce those bonds through INDEPENDENCE AND RESPECT. Those seeds of PERSEVERANCE AND FAITH have grown wonderfully, they just needed the right time to do it…!  There is a perfect time for everything. When the student is ready, the master appears. And only then one can appreciate and understand fully the MESSAGE…all the conditions need to be there, all the ACTORS need to play their roles with ease in the vast stage of life to nurture the spectators and to be nurtured back. There are winds bringing words that say “I HAVE LEARNT MY LESSON…” Now I can turn the page with delicacy and start a new day, a new experience, another book…Simply enjoy these days when… SUDDENLY THE FAMILY GROWS…how different is now this LIVING TOGETHER if compared with those past years, when we were living anchored  to those rooted SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMINGS, to those blames, to that pain, to the victimism, like if we were in a game of cards where everyone plays unable to follow the same rules…As you can see the message is clear and simple!

But as it often happens, there was the need to take some distance, to hold that position, to heal the wounds, to respect the AWAKENING ´s process that everyone needs to then be able to enjoy its delicious sweet. Too good to be true, is it not? Of course not!…Can we have everything? Yes indeed! I ALLOW MYSELF, and it will take place spontaneously, when you least expect it, but at the same time with absolute and striking certainty that is going to happen; just leave the  HOW AND WHEN in the hands of the universe and the wise creator

Grow in a healthy love

The wisdom has grown at the same time the family has; it got together for a few days, for a moment, it does not matter how long for; ten days to meet again; we are the same but not really, our essence is the same, but we are stronger and remastered. 

We are a more advanced and updated version of ourselves, we have managed to GROW IN A HEALTHY LOVE, drawing our limits and putting together the pieces of the FAMILIAR CHAIN with care and patience. As a result of it we shine and our brightness goes well beyond our embraces, our kisses, our sweet words, it goes through the physical and it embraces you in its energy; it expands, you can breathe it, share it. It is a familiar chain that unites, that brings together, a strong grasp, but it does not imprison.


I come back to my earthly part so that I can carry on putting the washing machine …for a few days…SUDDENLY…THE FAMILY GROWS.  ?