Al abrigo de una vela

How many WISHES OF MY SOUL have been granted at the light of a CANDLE?

Lighting a candle is a symbol of ILLUMINATION… It can be considered as well as an exercise of VOLUNTARY MINDFULNESS attracting to us our most desired PURPOSES AND EVERYTHING WE DESERVE. When the candles are lighted, it creates a link between our SPIRITUAL BEING AND OUR EMOTIONS, something like hugging and believing in our connection with a powerful and limitless SUPERIOR CREATIVE FORCE, present in each one of us and to which we are all indissolubly united…We are all one and make part of that UNIVERSAL ENERGY

Accompanied by a candle

Or this is how I feel it.  I love candles, I find great company in their LIGHT, in their CALM, in their WISDOM, silently whispering to me and I resonate with their MAGIC…At the end of the day that is mine too…I can pass large moments lost in the longitude of their flame, in their flaming or VIBRATIONAL MOVEMENT

It is said that Dr Usui, the founder of REIKI, was seen walking in the streets of Tokio with a lamp lighted in the middle of the day, like if he was a lighthouse, just to attract new students to this ancient and powerful energetic technique.

North & guide

It is very curious how the word “vela” (in English candle/sail) symbolizes the NORTH OR A GUIDE especially if it is referred to those parts of the ships without engine.  Once a candle has been lit, the wick illuminates and shows us THE WAY TO FOLLOW… THE NEXT STEP TO TAKE…THE (VELAS) SAILS OF A SHIP do exactly the same…it is enough to choose which one to put up…The GOD OF THE WINDS will take care of the rest…In any circumstances a CANDLE/SAIL shows us the DIRECTION, THE WAY…Either, when it is lit on top of a desk or up in a ship, in both cases it is like a BREATH OF ENERGY.

The use of candles is so powerful and yet so innocent. From a very tender age we use them to commemorate our JOURNEY IN THIS PHISICAL EXPERIENCE,  we crown the cake with candles to celebrate our birthday, RENEWING our LIVING ENERGY… A COMPROMISE WITH LIFE, from the moment we make a wish, from the bottom of our heart, before blowing and putting them off…A wish that we send with our deepest faith into the immense universe, with the certainty that our COSMIC REQUEST…will become TANGIBLE REALITY sooner or later.

Ancestral light

Everyone knows about its RELAXING power and personally it tele-transports me to very remotes times. I can imagine our primitive fellow human beings warming up by the heat of a bonfire, sharing LIGHT AND FOOD, sitting in the warmth and embraced in the magic of the embers…PRAYING with curious RITUALS to their god, in that moment the right ones for them.

I can see them doing an exercise of CONTROLLED AND MINDFUL MEDITATION, where they could increase their PERCEPTION, THEIR FOCUS ON CONCENTRATION… Able to reach deep levels of CONNECTION with their CREATOR, with that intuition which could lead them to decide whether to take a journey this way or that…Going out hunting the day after or painting the walls of the cave to leave proves they have been there…

Purifying light

The candles´ or bonfire´s light DETOX THE ENVIRONMENT, bringing an instant PURIFICATION, re-establishing HARMONY AND COSINESS to the surroundings.

Candles take us back to our ancestors, THE CROMAGNON MAN. He discovered that a wick could be kept burning by feeding it with animal fat and in that way, he could illuminate the cave during the night.  This is how candles started to bring light to the STONE AGE.

A step forward saw the use of oil, but this method of illumination came later on, around the xv century. 

I make a wish

I jump back to the present…otherwise I will get stuck in history and my imagination will go over the edge and I will lose the sense of time…as it is now time to close this space I share with you every week…There is no need to mention that a big candle always accompanies me, as usual…as you can see in the picture at the beginning of this post.

My dear friend: I am grateful for your time, your attention and I make a WISH: FOR YOU AND FOR ME…SO THAT ALL THE BEST ILLUMINATES US ALWAYS…LET IT BE LIKE THIS, I BLOW THE CANDLE…WISH GRANTED! ?