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A foot on the ground and a hand in the sky

Un pie en el suelo y una mano en el cielo

Today is Monday, just a Monday in July and yet, unique, with all its identity created by the HERE and NOW …the date is anecdotal and there will not be another identical day like this, ever.
I feel thrilled to share with you my THOUGHTS and FEELINGS in this space, where we meet weekly, I am so lucky!… Every time I am in front of a white canvas, it opens a full world of limitless opportunities and expressions. I do not need to pretend, I feel FREE, free TO BE, TO SAY what I want WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS..when you do not expect anything in return, then those self JUDGEMENTS disapper …How peaceful!

A foot on the ground and a hand in the sky

Cutting the story short and going to the point, the other day, my friend Inma came home to visit and we started talking about BALANCE-IN, more specifically about the blogs. She asked me “do you know how many people read your blogs every week?” Without hesitation I answered: “ to be totally honest with you, I have not got the slightes idea and it would be exactly the same if only 4 or 4000 would read it .. I enjoy so much this writing – space of mine, because here, I feel totally myself..! it is pure pleasure, very therapeutic and I highly recommend it to everyone. When I am in this space, I leave shame, judgement and fear on one side, ready to join the scene, without knowing when the curtains will rise and if the stage will be full or totally empty. It is the best moment; I abandon myself to the language of the SOUL, with strong passion and noththing else, enjoyng the sublime taste of the reward: writing!…can you believe that for a large part of my life I have been hiding!

I am sure you have been personally experincing the effects of those marks, burned in our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by our parents with their best intentions, when they use to tell us “ be discret, do not tell this or that to anyone, do not stand out to avoid envious feelings toward you… and this and that..what a nonsense!

Making the way while walking

I have loved the theatre since I was very little, yes indeed, and singing, dancing , writing..I was fascinated with any form of expression. I have always had a foot on the ground and a hand in the sky; in this sentece I summarise my essence and I believe every single human being feels the same. Do you really believe we are only made up of that part we know as BODY, that side of us we dress with different clothes, to which we apply a different mask according to the occasion? Without any doubt, this is the worldly part I enjoy a lot, what would be the sense of having a body if we were not to make the best of it, and enjoy it in all its wider aspects? Of course we have been made to live on this earth, to put one foot down with strenght and grace or even both, most likley better!…making the way while walking as Machado wrote wisely.

A hand in the sky

Let us move into the second part of our equation A HAND IN THE SKY. Since the world is world the human being has felt an ancenstral curiosity for the other side; we have clear proofs of this from our primitive ancestors, when they immortalized it in their rock paintings. A magical question which instills respect and at times, fear too; it poses the query “what lies beyond there?” What happened to our dears once they left their body? ..we could fill pages and pages about THE OTHER SIDE and HERE, or at least this is how I consider it; does it happen to you as well, when you stay silent with your eyes open or close, this is totally up to you, that you feel the flow of a PEACEFUL ENERGY,corresponding directly to your ESSENCE ? It makes you to feel the PEACE, ALIGNED, CENTRED in you, the undisputed identity of your SOUL.

For me this is the genuine LIFE ´S PURPOSE. The perfect equation which includes the widely feeling of our FIVE SENSES; otherwise why would we have them. This feeling can be easily seasoned with the wisdom of our INNER VOICE.

I am very grateful to you in BODY AND SOUL for your time and to have met you through my blog. Let us carry on working on our goal with ONE FOOT ON THE GROUND AND A HAND IN THE SKY.