La memoria de un árbol

5 is the number, the richness of the meaning of these 5 words carries with it a great deal of wisdom and the success of any human being´s existence.  Today I give a wink at the English language and I will tell you the five English words:


Hello once again, welcome everyone to  the written  EXPRESSION described through WORDS.

It is through the use of words that we communicate, we express ourselves and through verbs is the invitation  TO ACT, TO MOVE.

Well I start moving and I clarify my point.  As you can see I have put the five words in a specific order which for me has a logical meaning.


If I say LAUGH I refer to a PRIMARY EMOTION. LAUGHING is universal, far beyond any language, race and religion. We come to life crying, which is on the other polarity of laughing, but at the end of the day they are the two faces of the same coin. Everybody has experienced at least once the following: situation = Journey;  dominion of the language = so.. so ; our frienf tells us¨: come on, you go and ask, you understand more than I do..and if you do not understand well, just smile, put Poker´s face on and done..”

Yes I have put the verb LAUGH first of the list, simply because we should have the good habit to take things a bit less serious in life, which would make our mental baggage muuuuch lighter.  SMILE AND LAUGH as you used to do when you were a child, keep this healthy habit,  draw a smile in your face as soon as you wake up and feel the benefits instantly. You will feel much better automatically, without even thinking…have a go!, release your stress, fill your lungs with air and open your heart, FREE YOUR EMOTIONS, feel the HAPPINESS of being alive and INFLUENCE  everyone around you with your great mood. 


We are always in time to…and this takes us to the next verb LEARN.  Straight away, a saying comes to my mind“ CUSTOMS become laws”. Repeat it, keep doing it, experience it and in a very short time the daily events will have become habits. Start your morning with a smile, like carrying a flag, LEARN  to treat life like a game, where winning or loosing depends on how you see it, what apparently seemed a loss, in reality is your best result.. Something is sure, we learn to walk putting a foot in front of the other and after a few good falls, voila! The miracle takes place and we are standing easily, moving from one side to the other naturally…we all learn through trial and errors, everything else is only blah blah blah. It is very easy to say I can drive, without having turned on an engine before..let us do it, let us practice it!


How beautiful is the verb that defines the essence of life and  can achieve anything..the following one::! Yes you are right, LOVE,  is the life´s engine, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. With all my intention, I placed it in the middle of the other  verbs.  Thanks to  SELF LOVE we are the masters of our life and the creators of our own destiny . Love is an UNIVERSAL emotion, PRIMARY AND ESSENTIAL. We need to LOVE OURSELVES AND LOVE OTHERS to feel complete. Love lives immortalized in art, in science, in religions, in philosophy…LOVE is the result and the producer of many vital attitudes and experiences. ROMANTIC LOVE, MATERNAL LOVE, PLATONIC LOVE…is present everywhere around us, sometimes on the other polarity, LACK OF LOVE, a great reminder of the importance of our duty to love ourselves first of all, to then be able to establish relationships based on HEALTHY LOVE. Love can FORGIVE,  EMPATHIZE, it gives sense to WE ARE ALL ONE. We identify it with that DIVINE AND/OR UNIVERSAL supernatural power. You can find it even in the most remore part of the world,it assumes different shapes and circumstances…you just need to be receptive and LISTEN to its sounds.


LISTEN. There is a remarcable difference between HEAR AND LISTEN. We listen through ATTENTION, this is why it is a VOLUNTARY ACTION and it implies intention to…on the other side HEAR refers to the ability to perceive sounds through the ears. I am enchanted with the marvellous ACTIVE LISTENING…while we are silent, we keep our attention focused and we become like a blank slate, a tabula rasa, as defined by the English filosopher Locke. When we are born we are like an open hand fan, opened to opportunities, our VIRGIN MIND is keen on esperiencing. Open yourself and LISTEN TO YOUR CONSCIENCE, learn to listen to yourself and you will be able to become a virtuoso in the ART OF LISTENING TO OTHERS. I emphasize the use of ATTENTION,of an OPEN MIND and all our energy  focused to understand the message and show our speaker we are giving him/her our full attention and understanding


It is through the observation and understanding of our emotions thar we learn TO LIVE…! LIVE AND LET LIVE!..

We will empower ourselves, once we have finally realised we are in charge of choosing the life we want to live and we do not let this responsibility on other people´s shoulders.

Thanks to this empowerment, we will be kinder and able to put ouserslves in other people´s shoes. From the moment we change this perspective around  and take charge, we will be totally confident and our emotionality will remain untouched. Who knows, maybe this is the way life tells us: really, do you still need more unpleasant lessons to wake up?  There is sush an abyss between LIVE AND SURVIVE!

I agree 100% that in life there is a time for everything; we manage just about  to survive after a financial disaster, after the loss of a dear one, during a nasty period in which we can hardly breath…but with courage and persistance we rise again above the water and like the Phoenix, we revive from the ashes. In this precise moment we say with a firm voice..” now it is my time. I am GOING TO LIVE LIFE MY WAY, and with all the honours I deserve, I am tired to be scared, finally I am aware of what this is all about, I am sick and tired to  repeat the same story again and again! It is all about wanting to do it, it depends on our will, if you really want it you can do it…This is the art of GOOD LIVING, LOVE with you heart full of desire every day, LISTEN carefully to your intuition and actively to the others,  LEARN with the mind of the beginner, without prejudices nor expectations, LAUGH OUT loud and do it about everything you can about yourself. If you like this recipe, share it and experience it.  Thank you for your time.